Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time/Who wakes up to a bottle of wine on the nightstand

That would be lyrics to "So Rich, So Pretty" by Mickey Avalon, who has such a relaxed urbane vibe to his music. It's what you listen to when you're sitting in your room with the window open, putting on some lipstick and struttin' in a pair of old heels.

It is so time for the end of the year. I am beyond ready for it. One of my friends said she doesn't even care; she wants to bring cocktails to class. Haha, I hear that!

Question: Why, why, why don't women dress like this anymore?
We need a Great Gatsby night. Everyone should dress in silks and top hats and we should all just listen to ah-mazing music, dance in a water fountain, and have lots of martinis.
Oh my God, I think I found the new holiday I'm going to celebrate.

Alisa don't mind when I call her Leslie she's gotta dress with class
And Jean Paul Gaultier and a Hermes bag and four inch tips made of ostrich
Sharp enough to slit your wrists her lips spread gossip
Won't say sorry when she offends
She comes over to my place in her old man's Benz
In gold and silver and jewels of all colors
And she doesn't take them off when we're tearing up the covers

Oh man, I need summer really, really soon.

Love to you all,

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