Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nightdreams of the Past and Daydreams of the Future

A little something I wrote for The Echo...I'm very proud of it because I put a lot of feeling in. It's for my column and this week, I was having East meets West ideas, polar opposites, and modern versus old fashioned.

The Fashion Plate
A Well-Balanced Serving Each Week

Welcome to the Vending Machine
I’ve always envisioned the future as filled with flying hover cars, outfitted with Jane Jetson’s space age wardrobe and coupled with Conan O’Brien’s humorous ideals of what looking all the way into the year 2000 would be like.
The future is now since the conception of U*tique.
U*tique takes the ordinary Chex Mix and M&M inhabiting vending machine and spins it on its head. Filled with over 50 cosmetics including Bliss hand cream and Smashbox lip glosses, U*tique is the ideal treasure chest for the woman on the run.
Dubbed “the new way to shop” by U*tique’s web site, all you have to do is touch the window of the product you want. From there, you get the option to watch a short video on the product and swipe your credit card to make your purchase. The machine has a network that secures the purchases made on all of the credit cards.
Best of all, you never need to worry about your make up getting jammed in the machine spirals and trying to pull it out. A tiny robot carries your product to the slot.
Currently U*tique has a singular location inside of Studio Beautymix at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. This is all set to change according to company consultant Mara Segal who plans to distribute U*tique to hotels, airports, and malls nationwide.
Time is a luxury as U*tique’s motto states and with this machine, you’ve definitely got time on your side.

Sew in Love
In these uncertain times, one can’t help but get scrappy.
At, there is a world of lost beauty stitched together with other cast off fabrics to create wholly whimsical clothing pieces like skirts and vests.
Each piece is carefully and lovingly handcrafted out of the most unusual of materials. The newest addition to the site, the Un-Birthday Skirt, is made of eyelets, lace, and table linens. Love letters from the 1920’s are silk screened on and the skirt even contains pieces from a wedding dress over a hundred years old.
The wonderfully dusty Victorian sensations come from the designers who hunt down the lost buttons and bits of silk of the world and put them together using no patterns. The fanciful creations look as though they would be right at home in a Tim Burton picture, worn lovingly by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Even Beetlejuice’s Lydia Deetz who declared her her whole life as a dark room would step outside to attend a very Un-Birthday party in the stained skirt.
“Modern culture has lost all scent of a soul. Mass production and the disposability of fashion and style have ripped away the purity of clothing. Sweatshop labor infuses garments with the stench of slavery. We are fighting against this epidemic with needles and thread.”
As stated in the mission statement by Gibbous, the designers believe that clothes are like people, with souls that desire nothing more than to be worn and appreciated and carefully attended to when a stitch pops loose. They want to be passed down and treated like old friends to the future generations.
Truer words were never spoken.

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