Sunday, January 24, 2010

Experience is My Teacher

College is making me stupid. It feels like a fact.

I'll backtrack. This week has been exceptionally busy and dreary, even for me. Until Saturday, it rained everyday. The rain created little shallow pools outside of my window, outside in the streets, everywhere. There were tornado warnings. In Southern California. How strange is that?

Classes started on Wednesday. Of the five I'm enrolled in (that's right, five classes in my last semester of college. that was a genius idea, right?), I meet with three on a regular basis.

Marketing is too soon to tell. The teacher wasn't there and they dismissed us early due to the rain.

Advertising is going to blow my mind. I already love it, the teacher is fantastic.

Creative Writing...uh oh.

Why did I write that to a class that I would naturally adore? I think it largely has to do with my professor whom I shared this lovely exchange on Wednesday with:

Me: *yawns* (Note: It was noon on a Wednesday and raining heavily outside in the gray sky.)
Prof: Excuse me (in my direction), did you have a big lunch today?
My brain: Is that some sort of fat remark? Why that....
Me: Oh no. No.
Prof: Really? Because I think I'm at a 7 out of 10 at how interesting one can be. And you're yawning.
Me: has nothing to do with you. I just yawn a lot in class.

I did not exaggerate any of that either. It really did happen.
For the record, I do yawn. Often. I can't help it. I could be doing the most profoundly interesting thing on Earth and I would still yawn. I could be orbiting Jupiter and somehow, a yawn would escape from my lips. It's nothing personal. It's just how I am.

Meanwhile, there was a girl directly across from me who was falling asleep and he did not say a damn thing to her. Great.

I have that class tomorrow. Joy. Haven't finished the assignment yet either. Basically I have to use Maslow's Pyramid of the 5 Universal Needs to analyze why I like certain movies, TV shows, music, etc. Also known as the assignment where I feel incredibly unoriginal and as exciting as a Saltine cracker.

I don't like to analyze myself. I already know myself pretty well and I know what things in life I'm inclined to go towards. Sometimes I'll get surprised by something new which is great, but doesn't happen all that often.

Does college introduce new things to me? Occasionally, but that occasion grows less and less with me.

School aside, last week I worked at the Corporate Leaders Breakfast on Thursday morning which I enjoyed as usual. It's an opportunity to wear my suit and red high heels which automatically make me feel good, no matter what. I worked the name badge table, as usual, and was able to administer badges with some light flirting with the male RSVP list. Light because it's 7am and on that day, it was raining again.

Finally responding to some internship offers. I didn't really have the time to do it last week because of classes and work and getting my independent study form signed and approved. I like both of the offers very much and hopefully one or the other works out.

Freedom came on a rainy Friday.

I went out to celebrate my roomie's birthday. We saw a movie and went to a nice restaurant afterward. The champagne was excellent. I don't get a chance to drink it much for some reason.

Did my eyeballs accidentally roam over to two separate men on dates with their wives/girlfriends? No... The latter of the two was alarmingly attractive. He looked just like Viggo Mortensen. He knew how to hold eye contact well. We kept that up even as I walked out.

I have ADD with men. There's no cure.

Tomorrow starts a new week. The last of January already...

Love to you all,


Des said...

Your first sentence in this post made me laugh. I felt the same way my last semester in school. And you are probably yawning because you are tired. When I read the number of activities you are involved in it's impressive but I'm sure it's also exhausting.

kim said...

damn heather,

how many cups of coffee do you drink a day? You make me feel lazy and unproductive, which i am.

XXX, Kim

Lilee▲ said...

nice blog~

Barbro Andersen said...

You're funny, I loved this post! I used to yawn a lot in classes, had to turn around a lot, drink water and such. Nothing seemed to help.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment <3

Phoebe Rose said...

Haha i'm always yawning too, i feel your pain :) People must think I'm so bored but I have no control over it!
Hope college gets better :)

drollgirl said...

oh god. i do not miss college ONE BIT. and i hate when it seems a teacher has it in for you, particularly at the beginning of a semester. groan!

and any man that looks like viggo would get my stares. and possibly my drool. he is HOT. i saw him once in person. delicious. yum. YUM.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I remember the college days. I took 5 classes my last semester last spring. It's alot of work. Uhhh about your creative writing teacher, what is his problem??

Good luck!!!

Phoenix said...

Your professor seriously needs to chill. He also sounds like a bully, and if there's one thing I detest on this planet more than walnuts in chocolate chip cookies, it's bullies.

School can be mind-numbing and sucky because it tries to tell you that it's just like the real world and there's only one way to do things.

Which is a total and utter lie.

I think you'll do fine, Heather - one last semester and then you are on your way to kicking ass.

the girl in grey said...

Thank you for your constant comments and witty tangents.

Miri said...

I keep thinking you are everything I ought to be. I'll keep up with you ;)


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Vinda Sonata said...

hi Heather, that's a very interesting story. college life is busy. i'm totally agree with you!

good luck for everything and thank you so much for your supportive comment in my blog. that means a lot! you've totally motivated me in writing. :)

Jaime said...

Sounds exhausting lol! January is always a blah month... it's going to get better and closer to spring!