Thursday, January 21, 2010

City Girl

When I was in grade school, I was afraid of the dark. I slept with a neon phone glowing light pink in my room to avoid being swallowed into the pitch blackness and built a fort of stuffed snowmen and other assorted plushies to 'guard' me from any potential monsters under the bed or in the closet. My imagination was ridiculous. Combining Child's Play movies plus Pepsi after Pepsi right before I went to bed left me terrified that someone was going to bust out into my room welding a knife or chainsaw and hack me up to bits. I was more scared of a possible killer doll than an actual person. A rational child, I was not.

How did I stay sane and manage to eventually fall asleep?

Living in the city, my friends. Living in the city.

I took comfort in hearing the buses wheeze down the street. The sound of Ludacris rapping in a sonic boom pitch from a pimped-out ride.

In a way, by knowing that somewhere, someone and lots of someones actually, were awake and busy, I was able to not feel afraid about going to sleep and actually do it.

I LOVE SKYSCRAPERS! They are so tall and majestic and the construction work on them is usually very detailed and strong. When I'm surrounded by all that height, I feel very much at home, particularly when I'm in a building that has a spectacular window view.

So with that in mind, I found some photos of girls in the city. I would have put up many more photos but I'm not in my room right now where the bulk of the pictures are so I quickly Googled some other good shots.

This one is by the fabulous Peter Lindbergh, a post on him later...

Love to you all,


Ms. B said...

Gorgeous photo selections! I too always feel so much more content and at home when surrounded by tall buildings. Unfortunately I've never gotten to call any of the skyscraper metropolises "home" but hopefully one day that will change :)

kim said...


awesome post, very vivid writing. and yes, horror movies+soda+kid=bad combo!

Thanks for all your kind comments.

I am a city girl too!

XXX, Kim

Laura said...

awesome photos the one with the bunny it great! haha

love the blog Ill be following hope ull do the same!

drollgirl said...

love what you wrote!

i live in a big city too, but i am in a quiet neighborhood and i live alone at this point. sometimes it is nice to know that others are near in case you need them. sometimes i feel a bit scared at night, but not usually. i think that if i lived in the country by myself i would be a LOT more scared and fear some random killer would try to come and find me and i would have to try to fend for myself.

clearly i have watched and read WAY TOO MANY SCARY THINGS in my life! :)

Phoebe Rose said...

I can't wait to live in a city, only a few more months! i can't wait, I love busy places :) it's so interesting! Love this posts and fab pics!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I live in the city 0 it's the only way to live, and I can only sleep to cars.

Liya said...

all hail the city :)

Des said...

Such a great post. And I couldn't agree more. There is something fantastic about living in a city. I don't care what part of the country or world I'm in. So long as I'm in an urban area I'll feel at home.

Amanda Lalique said...

I love city life too.. I find it comforting knowing there's others out there as well. Great writing and photos. He is an amazing photographer!


ana b. said...

I know exactly what you mean about being scared of the dark. When I was little, I had this game in my head where, if I had any bit of my body other than my head was sticking out of the covers, then some monster would emerge from the darkness and chop it off! And yes - then I moved to central city and found so much comfort in the constant sound of traffic and people. What a great post. Especially the stunningly sophisticated editorials against skyscrapers.

Phoenix said...

I think you and I had opposite childhoods growing up...any horror movie at all would scar me so I stopped watching them...and then any sound that was made would keep me awake! So I know I could not survive living off a busy street in LA or NY...I'd be an insomniac!

bijoubijou said...

amazing photos!


Fashion Steals said...

Hey Heather, great pictures :)

the girl in grey said...

Love, love, fucking love.