Thursday, September 3, 2009

When Pooh Bears Attack

Just now I was searching for the Wild Roses editorial in an old W magazine because of the vibrant hues of the pictures. I typed in "wi" and what is the first thing that automatically pops up?

My favorite Pooh bear. When I was little, I really liked the Winnie the Pooh film but you know just that one exclusively. I didn't hop on the runaway train with The Tigger Movie or the Piglet one either. They were cute but I was a princess girl through and through.

I remember my Dad had me watch on David Letterman this segment called "When Pooh Bears Attack" which was basically a rabid Winnie pouncing on top of Christopher Robin, claws pronounced. Tigger had his throat slashed in the background. That picture (which I cannot find anywhere) was the funniest thing! It sounds morbid as all get out but believe me you couldn't beat the look on C. Robin's face.

Here's the set of photos. Pretty huh?

I officially started school today and I am worn out. How I long for a morning of just work again. I have a copyediting class at 8am which is actually pretty cool. We get to make postcards and magazine layouts! I am already visualizing the prospects of how mine will look and will as always, cite Nylon and Elle and the work of Miles Aldridge and Isabella Charlesworth and old pin up in whatever I do. I met with Don for about ten minutes which was over far too quickly. Then I trained for my new tutoring job and shadowed a student getting the 411 on writing. After that, I was off to another class (Freedom of Comm) that mercifully we were let early out of because the air in that room made it very cold. Then it was Jamba time with Amy where some woman rudely chewed out my outfit. It was far from scandalous, I can assure you and I have no idea why she was so disgruntled. Maybe the fact that you're wearing pants and a turtleneck in 96 degree weather?! Rather unladylike in reply, I yelled back at her. Then back to campus for math which I promptly fell asleep for about 5 minutes during. And naturally I would get asked a question during that moment too so you know, it was slightly embarrassing. And then the girl with the bomb heart shaped glasses aka Lolita complimented my outfit and I who had been eyeballing her ensemble in kind, returned the favor.

Now I'm at the tutoring job, updating briefly. We don't have any appointments today because it's a tad early for any students to have any papers to write.

Looking forward to tomorrow! No particular reason why. TGIF? Nah, I think a fatty nap after work is my real excitement. God I'm old.

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are such a busy person. Best of luck with the upcoming school year!

Heather Taylor said...

The sad part is this doesn't even touch on the volunteer work I'm starting in a week. My weekdays are nonstop-ahh! But I finally have the weekends off for the first time since I was about 15 so there's the silver lining :)