Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Crack My Xerox Hands

An explosion of primaries today. Her coat is absolutely scrumptious! I own a very similar one to it and love trenches with a full skirt, it instantly dresses up any ensemble.

Yes please! This entire look is such a winner.

Even though my eye is drawn to so much in this outfit, I think the eyeglasses hold my attention the best. They really pull the entire look together and give it such a scholarly flair.

All from Russian Vogue circa 2007.

Love to you all,


Mermaid said...

I love these! Beautiful. Also, thanks for your contest entry. It's beautiful.

Azn Glow said...

I like to say that the Russians do it best...but maybe that's because I'm 1/4th Russian? :D

Love the photos! I've been in sort of a funk lately, but I have a bunch of beautiful pieces to put up, so be on the prowl. Hhaa.


syd vicious said...

ooh nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Naw thanks, you literally night, I'm still smiling :)

Your blog is lovely.

Heather Taylor said...

Thanks lovelies!

Olaitan said...

I love this spread. the colors duke, the colors! lol.

thanks for the blog comment. keep doing your thing:)

J & L said...

Love the bold colors and great cuts.