Monday, September 7, 2009

What is Your Damage, Heather?

In the movie of my life, I would want Winona Ryder to play me. Absolutely.

Have you ever thought about who would play you in a movie?

Love to you all,


Azn Glow said...

Oh my god, you must be like my soul sister or something.

I love the Heathers and I thought people thought I was weird for it.

I love the Jessica Darling series! In fact, I make a reference to it in a recent post. :D Ten points if you can find it.


josephine said...

You're a Heather!! love it. Heathers is... very. :)

I have another blog, actually, that's kind of silly that we started @ one day after we were watching Heathers

josephine said...

* my friend and I, not the royal we or anything...

Heather Taylor said...

Yay for lovers of Heathers!