Monday, August 3, 2009

Stella, Skimmers and Sienna!

Today is brought to you by the letter "S" as you can tell in the title.

Had to share this AMAZING look from Stella McCartney. So elegant and classic, Bergdorf Goodman is selling the tuxedo jacket and draped silk dress. Paired together over a pair of black skinny jeans or black leggings, it's just pure sugar.


I just got them from Urban Outfitters after spending a weekend staring intensely at them and snapping pictures with my phone (as well as trying them on!).

Initially, I was skeptical because the Fairy Tales Are True skimmers had been 50/50 on the reviews on the site. The anti reviews kept saying that the satin wore off easily, they were ruined if touched with water and one reviewer even said, "it felt like walking on cardboard."

When faced with an issue like that, I went to the store and tried them on for myself and it was love, love, love at first step.

They fit great, are the most insanely GORGEOUS shade of teal/jade, and get oodles of compliments. Plus they happen to be on sale so I would jet on over and get a pair if I were you (and there are many, many other shades available to choose from).

The stars all lined up in the sky and declared, "Heather, when you go to see Conan O'Brien live on Wednesday, you will not only be going with one of your favorite friends but you will get to see one of your top stylish inspirations, Sienna Miller too."

Fate, I love you. Wednesday, hurry up and get here!!!!!

Love to you all,

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Marian said...

I love Stella McCartney, she always gets it right!