Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Magnetic Electric

I could die right now and I would be a very happy and content young miss.

Conan was simply amazing today. My lovely friend Phoebe and I went this afternoon and got primo seats in the third row, not even fifteen feet away from the action. I loved people and NBC page and crew watching, it was so interesting.

I really don't recall a moment in my life I smiled more. My check muscles still ache. I smiled hard, I clapped ferociously, I 'wooed!!!!' with the best of them. If I could have wolf whistled, I would have.

And by no particular reason I understand, a little tear came out of my eye when I first heard Max Weinberg and the 7 jamming. Later on, when Conan came out on stage, another tear came out. Phoebe thought that was really funny.

I agree. My emotions were all out of whack. I was so happy, I was experiencing all of my senses all at once. It was nuts. That tear is the first one to fall out of my eye since last year so I think it was a little overdue.

Anyway, Conan is super tall, drinks Diet Coke (not water, rock on) in his glass, Sienna Miller is even smaller in real life if that is even possible and wore Christian Louboutin round toe pumps, there are a ton of cue cards and cameras and after the show, you stick around for airing some promos. And the whole thing lasts about an hour.

Best day ever. I am in a euphoric daze and will continue to be for the rest of this week.

Love to you all,


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so cool! I'm really happy for you. It must have been such a great experience.

Heather Taylor said...

It was amazing! I am still replaying it over and over in my head lol.