Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fall Thoughts on a Summer Mindset Trapped in Spring

Sometimes the greatest gems of life happen to be e-mails from Neiman Marcus.

This dress just took all of my summer thoughts and chucked them out the window. It cannot be challenged within me; I am always going to be a fall girl. Fall has always signified the beginning of school, the new wardrobe, the new winds coming in. The turtleneck is made of cashmere so it can keep you nice and warm while still looking chic.

I have a penchant for getting skirts of this style quite often.

Simple and elegant, with the neck emphasized for a necklace or a great pair of earrings. Even better is the solid coloring.

These earrings deserve an honorable mention all on their own. Available at The Sea Change at, they are completely gorgeous and alarmingly affordable. Once upon a time, I had a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings but I lost them somehow...these are the perfect subsitute.

I love how everything at this store looks so rich in history, like somebody could have owned it hundreds of years ago.


Timeless I say.
Oh goodness, I can hear the site beckoning me now....
Love to you all,

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