Monday, April 27, 2009

Of Girlfriends and 500 Days, The Best Abandoned Building Ever and Sleeping in Cylinders

There is nothing quite like a good time with your closest girlfriends. You only have to get to the laughing point. From there on, you can say anything and they will laugh with you. Raise your eyebrows and they get it.
I love the girls in my life. There are many of them and they are all glitter like you would not believe.

We're getting closer to that time of season....

This is the best abandoned building ever.
Once upon a time, in the heart of Clayton was a bookstore named Library Limited. It was two stories of magic. Stairwells and author signings all the time, a bar, and goldfish swimming in ponds outside of the children's section, designed to look like a castle. Where a young Miss Heather (a VLG at the time) would ride with her Daddy in their car with the top down and would stay reading for hours until the store closed at midnight.
Before the internet was around, before cell phones, before texting, before technology was so dominant.
Then one day something happened. Young Miss Heather was 15. She got older and with that age, came her stupid rage at everything. Library Limited went out of business and no bookstore in the world could ever be a better subsitute, not even the Borders in Brentwood.
For her senior movie, Heather and her Daddy would go back to Clayton and to the Library Limited. She wanted to film it and went inside where construction men were whitewashing the walls and it was all empty and book less.
Heather wanted to scream when she was in there but did not. Instead she talked about what the abandoned bookstore meant to her for three and a half minutes on the camera.
It was my forever treasure.

When I was a kid, I wanted to run away from home to the nearby park Francis. There I would sleep in the slide which would protect me from cold winds and rain. There is something about sleeping in a cylinder that has always looked incredibly appealing to me.

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-Madonna Hollywood
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-Wang Chung Dance Hall Days

Love to you all,

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