Monday, April 6, 2009

About Face

Her blush is glorious, check out how far up it travels!

These last few weeks have waged a war on my lips. The opponents:
Pink Lipstick
1) Ultra girly, ultra sassy, ultra springtime. Inspired by Barbie, pink is beginning to crop up on the lips of girls's less severe and more sweet than its other...
Red Lipstick
2) Sexy is back forever with one quick dash across the lips. This lipstick is sensual but commanding in a way that sends the boys flying across the room, backing into a corner with the girls with clear lip gloss. Your presence is known.

Who will triumph?

Or shall I just go back to black? AC/DC would approve.

Hello, what's this? A somber outfit paired with sheer makeup? A clean, runway ready look.

Everything about her is so old world glamour. Love the matte lips.

The beauty about red lipstick, especially a powerful red, is that you really don't need any other makeup on if you don't want to put any on. The red is so vibrant that it steals the show.

Pink, on the other hand, needs a boost to enliven the rest of your face. This is usually involving eye shadow and eyeliner. If you want to keep your eyes a lesser focus, then extend the pink to the cheeks with blush.

Or you could paint your hands and hide your face from the world. It looks cuter than wearing a paper bag. Tee-hee.
Listening to:
-Black Beauty Main Titles (I love my compositions, especially Danny Elfman ones)
Love to you all,

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