Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Peter Gehrke and the Imaginary Girls

Tatiana was a guarded girl. Always wore her heart wrapped tightly up in chains. No one could unlock her. No one would see the true her. When she wrote, her heart fell out of the chains and bled all over the pages, dripping over the sides of her desk. Her true self she held at a distance and when she was alone, when she was free, there she could be herself. This freedom was in her garden, tucked away in the furthest corner of her backyard where she laid for a half hour everyday until it was time to go to work for corporate America.
Until that time, the veil shrouded her and not one person dared to approach.

Aww girl, we all know a Kelsey. She was always sitting on the sidelines of the soccer game, chomping on gum and blowing up huge sugary pink bubbles. She was always drawing in the dirt with her fingers and laughing because the earthworms were still deep under the ground. She had mad dance moves, never brushed her hair, and would show up at your doorstep at 2am ready to go to the park and smoke. Everyone wanted to get a smile out of her but all they ever got was half a smile.
But if you were lucky and heard it, she had the laugh of a thousand angels.

For her entire life, Ruby had always been told "don't." Don't do this, that, or whatever I said no to. She always liked being one of the guys and drove a huge truck that towered over every car in the school parking lot. She hated jewelry, had five tattoos of stars and arrows all over her arms, and wanted nothing more than to live in a cabin for the rest of her life. She had no dreams and no expectations but the ring on her finger held everything she had to become and the how she never ever wanted to become the worst thing of all, "princess."
The simple life, to put it simply, would never be hers.

Love to you all,

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