Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a Tee-ase

If you must wear a graphic tee, then here's some of the more slightly better ones to get.
This is Hot Dog High 5 by Heavy Rotation. I'm a little biased when writing this because I already have this shirt but it is pretty sweet.
There is a rule it seems in the hipster tee handbook that one must always have a shirt that includes food or a beverage product on it. The food must be saying something ironic (i.e. an ice cream cone dripping saying "Fo Drippzle" or something like that).
In this case, hot dog and mustard are in unison together with a high 5. Gotta love food that's happy to be eaten.

The Beautiful Ones designed a series of superstar raglans for Urban Outfitters last year. They made David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust era), Michael Jackson (Thriller style), and the featured Karl Lagerfeld tee. Love these shirts so much, I'm thinking they could do another series featuring three ladies. Madonna, Mariah, and Donatella anyone?

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeepers Peepers tee. Simple and minimalistic but still an eye-grabber (literally).

Close up of the peepers.

See by Chloe's toy soldier tee. Special detailing on his badge and the speech bubble says "Nice t-shirt." Definitely reminds me of the holidays like "The Nutcracker" when all the toy soldiers come alive.
Love to you all,

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