Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Hour Every Hour

Abinsthe-legal, delicious, and on a stick!
High five to the candy store site that turns liquor into a lickable form. At you too can invest in absinthe flavored suckers at reasonable costs (4 for $10 to start with). This ain't your Dum-Dum 100 count sack of blah candies, this is a little something special to start the day off at 9am with no judgment with.

But what's that you say? You don't like absinthe and think it tastes a whole lot like black licorice? No problem, Lollyphile has bourbon flavored sticks too. Get a box and pass them out on your birthday as a treat. You're gonna be popular, baby.

For those who like to fly the narrow and straight-edge, a lolly that tastes like bacon. Let me repeat that, a sucker that tastes like the tasty breakfast meat. Bacon!
"Mmm...bacon." Definitely a Homer Simpson moment.

And if you are against animal sucker cruelty, the wasabi-ginger pop is made for you.

Props to not sticking a green fairy somewhere on the absinthe box.
In other news, the "K" key on my keypad is sticking.
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-Nadia Ali Crash and Burn

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