Tuesday, March 10, 2009


You learn something new everyday. It feels like I fall in love with something new everyday. Charles Anastase has a new spring '09 line out that tweaks the lines of conventiality but still remains very girly and a smidge innocent. The kind of clothes that literally live with the motto "The Girl Can't Help It."

Schoolgirl chic. Love the heavy frames.

The visible garter trend seems to be a trademark of Anastase's. I love integrating the girly pink in with the leather jacket. It seems to me that it's more popular lately to place the pink in as a scarf or a headband but Anastase works in the gloves instead. Nice eye for detail!

If the Mad Hatter was a girl, this is just how I picture he would look.

Again, some garter goodies. It's more visible than the black skirt above though since this skirt is a pale pink so we're so much more focused on it.

Hello, ruffle! Oh the ruffle, I am in an intense love affair with it all the time.

More from Anastase's collection. I love the super huge puffed out white skirt at the bottom left hand. Very Alice in Wonderland and it really reminds me of the girls in the Armand van Helden music video "Hear My Name."
In other news, I really want tickets to Chelsea Handler. She's pretty funny and her book(s) look quite interesting. I'm at my humor dry spell right now where all the usuals (The Onion, MurderBurger, old episodes of South Park) are barely tapping my funny bone.
I'm not worried though. Anytime I'm about to start sinking in the sea of blah blah lame humor blah blah dud jokes, a lifesaver in the shape of a book usually saves me.
It's more like a puffy kid's floatie though. I make it safe to shore and laugh so much the rescuers decide my SOS is some kind of "the boy who cried wolf" moment.
Does this make sense to anyone but me?
Love to you all,

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