Sunday, March 8, 2009


Kay (pronounced as high) Nielson is an illustrator for children's books and I think he is absolutely exhilarating. Looking at these pictures is like taking a fantastic trip back in time before computers became so dominant and the Photoshop tool enabled us to constantly perfect everything.
This is from "Powder and the Crinoline", published in 1913 (!!) So gorgeous.

The Shepardess and the Chimney Sweep
*The chimney sweep reminds me quite a bit of V from V for Vendetta, uncanny resemblance, huh?

"I have had such a terrible dream" she declared. "...a pretty bird swooped down, and snatched it from my hands and flew away with it".

This just might be the best line from a novel I have ever heard.

"Don't drink!" cried out the little princess, springing to her feet; I would rather marry a gardener!"

These are so amazing, I feel like a little girl all over again.

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