Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm At My Week's End

What a terribly pun-induced title, this is my brain on bite size Crunch bars, Mountain Dew, and hardly any sleep for you.
Yes, that David Bowie CD is still missing at home and I get constantly hounded over its wherabouts when I call home.

Reminds me of Donnie Darko but this time Frank is Easter-ed out.

David Standish is the shit.

I love this photo! This woman reminds me of a mixture of Holly Golightly and Edie Sedgwick.

Hard to believe this is Emma Watson aka Hermione from the Harry Potter films. She looks absolutely fantastic.

I want a pair of ballet slippers. The real deal too, not some lookalike at the store. These are dyed Capezio slippers.

Yum, the Yves Saint Laurent bow-back Oxford dress. Utterly delicious!

Oh my, she reminds me of a cast-off bohemian version of Blair Waldorf. But there is something wonderfully warm about this look. It's the headband, I think.

Christian Lacroix, Spring 2009.
Fashion Week.
Fuck yeah, this might just turn into one of favorite new holidays.

I love Poppie very much! But as a finger puppet this is just painful and unpleasant looking. What was Sears in the '70's thinking?
Oscars this Sunday.
Homework tonight.
Exhausted completely.
This looks like a silly haiku.
Love to you all,

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