Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rant, Rave, and Praise

This picture never fails to crack me up. These are a couple of footlongs that look a tad too happy, don't you think? Luckily, nobody ever had to stuff me into a Subway costume during my 4 years working there. It was bad enough I had to wear a visor.
Congrats to my good friend Melissa on getting hired at a Subway in Florida! I'm very happy that she was able to find a job and like I said, at least she knows how to make a proper sandwich. It's not that hard people. That's directed to the guys working the TO Subway's moving at the speed of warp snail.
I really don't like to write about little things going on between my family and I but I'm tired of turning my issues into problems for the characters in my stories.
My family and I are definitely more close than most families I know. You know those families where the kids and the parents are kind of cold and conduct the most mundane, dull conversations possible with one another? Where they even sound disinterested in each other's lives? Oh, and where the kids have the gall to demand and boss their parents around with their parents meekly taking it?
I tell you, shit like that does not fly in my family.
We scream to get a point across. We get excited over a sale on ice cream sandwiches and buy 6 or more boxes. We chase each other around the house with dead cockroaches. We listen to music so loudly the floorboards shake and the walls vibrate. We tease each other with spot-on imitations of one another's walks and mannerisms. And if you mouth off to Dad or Mom(and I have tested this limit to new lengths), if anybody asks, you're crying because your contacts hurt. You also accidentally tripped and scrapped your arm on the concrete.
That aside, we're close.
Or are we?
My brother Earl has been making noises for ages about going to a comic con type gathering only with anime characters or something like that. He wants to go to the one in August with his friends in Orange County. Mom told me the other day on the phone, "He said maybe I'll visit Heather."
Maybe? Maybe?!?!
What? You have got to be kidding me! I expect this kind of bullshit from my extended family (4 cousins altogether, both sides combined) but then again, I'm not close with any of them and never have been. My intermediate family is where it's at for me and to hear Earl say that enrages me. Who else does he know out here but me? Nobody.
The kid brother has another think coming luckily. You can't drive a rental car until you're 25 so unless his buddies and he bring along somebody older, they're screwed over on transportation.
Ah, but the sister you might maybe deign to grace your presence with would solve all that...just saying.
That's not all...
"I just feel like we've lost you Heather." Mom told me over the phone.
This one was kind of creeping up on its own. I'm far from them and growing farther from the girl who first arrived here. I'm really not lost though. I know who I am and by knowing this, I am able to restrain myself from making all sorts of mistakes that could truly ruin me. It's my inner Jiminy Cricket. Sometimes I shut that conscience off and it fucks me over royally.
"Are you happy now?" Jiminy will ask me to which I sigh and say no. He nods and I switch the conscience back on, "Let's take that pain and write it out. Let's make our happiness come alive in the lives of others. Let's storm rage in a fictional life."
So I get my music cranked up and the document comes alive under my fingertips.
You haven't lost me. I know where I am. I know where I'm going. I know who I am. We're just a distance from each other in length. In our hearts, where it matters most, we never left.

Listening to:
-Theatre of Tragedy Venus (I heard Leaves Eyes is working on a new album. Sweet merciful crap, please be true. I'll never have enough of Liv Kristine's voice in my life.)

Love to you all,

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