Friday, January 30, 2009

Springtime for Fendi

I'll admit I'm not a personally big Fendi fan. While their Spring '09 collection includes a lot of black, they do have three dresses that kind of pull at the romantic side of me (it must be all the VD in the air...). I love the eyelets here, bringing back girlhood and childish days of the past.

The belt is so striking and combined with the white of the skirt and top creates an instant minimalism. The hair on the other hand is not for me.

Seriously, is it just about the most creative thing in quite some time? This is the perfect dress to:
a) wear while napping in a field
b) a picnic in the park
c) VD celebrations and just going out for drinks in general
d) class (conversation piece for sure, plus I've always considered school to be a kind of fashion show)
e) grocery store

It's gorgeous! I feel love, what can I say?

Love to you all,

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