Friday, January 30, 2009

Loving These Headdresses Some More

More images of the Chanel Spring '09 headdresses, I can't get enough of them! How springtime is this? So pretty, so elegant.

This is most excellent, love, love, love these!

Right now, I'm thinking about the spring lines from Fendi and Dior, particualrly Fendi's rose dress that I'll post later because my class is about to start.

On the rise:
-the headdress obviously. My love for headwear keeps expanding...veils, all they have to do is make me fall in love with hats and the fashion industry will have conquered my head as well as my heart.

Listening to:
-DVNO Justice
-Genesis Justice
(Justice is so damn good, it's like listening to a runway. Your whole body language totally changes when you hear them.)

Love to you all,

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