Monday, January 19, 2009

A Series of Posts: #2 Earl the Girl

He's not actually a girl but every now and then I see something that reminds me of Earl and I have to either 1) e-mail him immediately or 2) call him about it. This backpack was no exception. He's not a Star Wars fanatic by any means, he just liked the R2D2 droid a lot. This backpack would be perfect for him if he was still in school.

This ring is by Antoino Palladino and sold at Barneys for a cool thousand dollars. It is the infamous octopus ring from Jane Aldridge's Sea of Shoes blog. Earl loves octopi dearly and our entire family has always responded to his love for them by buying him octopus themed products (example, shampoo bottles with illustrations). We don't eat chinese/japanese food for this reason either, ever since the infamous trip to the international food store where Earl saw a box of dry tentacles for sale and cried in the store while my Dad and I teased him about it. I've since become slightly more mature about this kind of teasing.

Love to you all,

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