Monday, January 19, 2009

A Series of Posts: #3 Marry Me Liv Kristine

Dear Liv,
So I know you are married and have a son and they made a mess out of marriage out here in California and I'm not a girl who believes in marriage but irregardless. You will never really know the impact you've had on my life. I loved you in Theatre of Tragedy, I loved you even more in Leaves Eyes, and I adore your solo work. In addition to these, I think that all of your work with Atrocity and Cradle of Filth was excellent, the latter of which introduced me to your lovely angelic voice. "Into Your Light" must be my favorite song of yours, the song I spent Christmas '06 listening to on repeat. I want another album, please! You make my bad days glitter into something brighter and my good days, I can instantly darken which I must say I do love to do. You provide much of the soundtrack to the big story I've been working on since Valentine's Day '08. Please, please come out and tour here in southern California!
Your happily listening fan,
Love to you all,

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