Monday, January 19, 2009

A Series of Posts: #1 Gross Gross Gross

I can't even begin to tell you just how repulsed and horrified I am that somebody out there, somebody with a human brain, heart, and organs and fully functioning, thought this necklace would be a great idea. We start out with the chain and vintage beads which aren't great, but can be described as "meh" at best.
Then they add the teddy bear and the floodgates open.
Sold at (sometimes this site has goodies but you really have to search for them and push aside all that campy shit) the description is:

These miniature teddy bear necklaces by chicadecanela are handmade marvels of construction! All the pieces are carefully cut and then stitched together, stuffed, embroidered, embellished, then strung upon a necklace featuring vintage beads. Every necklace takes six hours to create! Limited-edition, numbered and packaged in a keepsake wooden box. Charm about 4” tall on 30” chain. Each piece is unique so detailing & beads will vary. These little teddies flew from Spain just to meet you!Click here for our new fred blog.fancy, handmade, mom, crafty, Spain, lucia, chicadecanela
Regular $185

That's right, this atrocity is a hundred bucks.

Please don't buy it, don't let your friends buy it either. Friends don't let friends wear necklaces grandma made during arts and crafts at the home.

Love to you all,


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