Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mindblowing (In More Ways Than One)

It's often true that the moment we stop thinking about someone, they come back into our lives and we are reminded of how much we liked them. Last night I had a dream about when I used to work at Bread Co. and in this particular dream, I was there with all of my favorite coworkers and friends and just kind of drifting through. It was raining outside and I was standing out there, watching my friends leave and old ones enter.
I woke up and went to Starbucks where I saw the last person on earth I could have ever expected to see there. Michael, the guy I met at my service project. The one that I spent countless Nonfiction classes discussing and giggling over. The 43 year old New Jersey-ian. As I referred him as "the lust object" in all of my papers, I was happily surprised to see him again (he looked more beautiful than ever) and he was just as equally glad to see me. He mentioned something about living down the street from that Starbucks but as usual, I was struck dumb by his burning hotness and did not ask for his number (bad move).
Goddamn, what a man.

This is the dress that I bought for my friend Amy's 21st birthday on Monday. I bought it in part for her birthday, the simplistic style of the dress, and also because this guy Josh I have a crush on is going to be there. Here's to a happy night of drinking!

How can anybody look at these shoes and not nearly pass out on sight? They are just as gorgeous (slightly less red) in person and are going with the dress. This boy is not going to know what hit him.

This book is changing my life. It's about a guy named Tucker and his drunken adventures. It is laugh out loud hilarious and I have on more than one occasion cracked up while reading it (in Starbucks, in my room with Amy, etc). I'm reading it very slowly because I plan on finishing it while in class and laughing to the point where I start crying on my desk (it's happened before). While I have some friends whose own alcoholic stories are wild (I even have a couple that are dirty are sin) they are lightyears away from this guy. This is exactly the kind of drunk I love, the kind that I aspire to be. Some of my friends have already predicted that on my wedding day, I'll be stumbling to the altar and completely wasted at the reception.
No shit. Alcohol would be the only way I would be able to tolerate the concept of marriage at all.
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-Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade I Remember
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