Monday, December 1, 2008

Return Back to TO

I had a very nice Thanksgiving break in San Diego. The weather was wonderful and I went to La Jolla beach which was a great experience because the tide was low enough to go into the water. While I was there, I did a black Friday impulse buy (not technically impulse since I knew I wanted a new one) and got a the new iPod nano, the super skinny one. This was largely in part to the fact that I can't put any new songs on my old iPod since all of the song files are on my family's computer and that computer recently crashed. My new iPod is Yves (I name all of them after old one is Coco and after Yves will probably be Jeanne [Lanvin]) and I am being super choosy on what songs go on.
I worked on this monster of a paper for some time and it's still not done.

In other very sad news, my favorite bracelet has decided to leave me. It's gold with heart charms and a safety pin I added when it broke one morning. I can't find it anywhere (it didn't go to SD with me) and not knowing where it is makes my heart hurt. I almost got a little teary eyed earlier...I don't cry at all usually but when it comes to my clothes and jewelry, I feel like I'm losing a part of myself as vital as a finger or a piece of skin. I'm calling the lost and found tomorrow about it but if it doesn't show up I've already ordered a replacement from Charlotte Russe...extremely upsetting.

Love to you all,

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