Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This week has truly been bananas but in a good way, not the insanely busy nonstop schoolwork kind of way. Yesterday my Loop NYC Andy Warhol bag came in the mail! It was in excellent condition and I especially love the handle with a couple choice Warholisms printed on a silver cloth. I haven't bought a new bag since the summer because I'm very picky about my handbags and totes. They have to be just right. Ooh, it is a delicious delight!

The cutest perfume bottle to hit the counters in a long time, Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers perfume (this one is named Gwen but there are four others, Love, Angel, Music, Baby). This fits in with the whole bananas theme because I spent the better part of high school listening to No Doubt and solo Gwen.

This time last year, I was back in STL working at Panera Bread (it was actually one of the better days there) and going home to have dinner with the family. This year I'll be going to San Diego for Thanksgiving and I am awfully excited. No family but I don't mind. I've always been my own little separate island in our family, doing things my own way and figuring it out along the way.
And thankfully, I will be employed by the phonathon in Jaunary, something I was secretly nervous about. This makes the day feel a hundred percent nicer.

Love to you all,

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