Monday, November 24, 2008

I Call Everything Delicious Lately...It's My New Replacement for "Cool"

As a college student the question "what are you majoring in?" is one of the 1st things I get asked on a routinely basis. It used to be for a long time that when I said "journalism" I got smiles and nods of approval but lately that has been replaced with a semi-smile or the worst one, "oh." As of late, I've been getting a lot of the latter from my closest friends and even worse, my parents which makes me wonder if they know something I really should know.
This is probably largely to do with the fact that I've spent the last year or so deeply immersing myself into the world of fashion. I always did dress up but now I am extremely conscious of what I'm wearing. It is not uncommon for me to change my outfit several times in one day and flit from class to class in a different ensemble. I've also taken up sewing and find that it gives me this great sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.
Make no mistake, I am a writer and writing is my true passion. Books are my true comfort and clothes are my true loves. Journalism, the hard news hitting kind, is not for me. There is an extreme amount of restriction given the writer, present the facts and only the facts. "Spicing it up" is not an option. Meh. No love for the naked truth. I prefer my truth to be sparkling with wit and pleasure!
The New York Times Style magazine is kind of one of my fantasy jobs. Magazines are my bright spot of the day/week/month so why not continue to pass that torch on to the generations?

The stairwell at NYStyle, looking real delicious I must say. I love the gothic lettering on "hollywood high"

An office building I would be happy to be a weekly columnist for. The giant "N" looked like a big bleeding heart at first glance to me until you hone in and it turns all floral.

My ultimate dream job...I would do just about anything to write for these geniuses.

Inside a Nylon office, looking chic and sparse. Less is more, minimalism is in action here.

My favorite Nylon cover girl, Evan Rachel Wood.

I rented a stack of movies this weekend at Blockbuster and "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2" was one of them. It wasn't good at all (I seriously should have left it on the shelf) but the good parts were any with Amber Tamblyn in them. She is an amazing actress, a great poet, very involved with the issues, and super pretty to top it off. On my list of fav young actresses you go!

With November coming to a close, it's time for Hollywood to bust out the prestige pictures and get that Oscar ball rolling. There are only a couple of movies I am interested in seeing this time around and that's being polite to say a couple. "The Wrestler" is virtually the only one I care about for many reasons. Darren Aronofsky is the director, having done one of my favorites "Requiem for a Dream" (harrowing film that I watched quite a bit when I was 15) so I look forward to seeing his stylized vision. The actors, Mickey Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood, I am also looking forward to seeing particularly Rourke with his star having faded over the years. It's a neat concept, I'm ususally very against wrestling in general but this draws me in.

This is truly a French man for all seasons.

Emmanuelle Seigner, what a face! How you do get more attention is wild in my mind.
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