Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Let Me Be When I'm Crazy

Twilight last night was pretty phenomenal. The line of girls wrapped around Mann Theaters from front to back. It was wonderful to see the book come alive on the screen (Peter Facinelli, middle, was absolutely swoon worthy) and the characters all looked the part. The acting on the other hand was terrible and there were far too many cutaway shots but honestly I wasn't at this movie to analyze the cinematography, dialogue delivery, and costume detail like I usually do at movies. I was there to gather stars in my eyes and fantasies in my mind of the attractive guys.
This movie also made me painfully aware of one other thing. This is the last movie I will probably act this way during. Never again will I be able to scream at a projection screen because I'm getting older now, not younger. I'm chalking this up to being a college student. It was a thrill that I wish desperately I had during my younger years because it is a rarity that something I naturally enjoy millions also like.

I drank a cosmo before seeing Twilight to energize myself. I had no intention on going into the movie sloshed but I got that nice little tight feeling in my stomach. I think I was a born drinker and man was I born into the right family for it. All of my relatives are really anti-alcohol and my intermediate family certainly frowned upon (if they knew) my underage drinking but it the type of thing that they chose to look past most of the time.

This is a sign outside of a candy store. I've been thinking about candies alot lately probably because I didn't really eat any on Halloween and my inner time clock is chiming, asking where it's heap of Twizzlers and Crunch bars are. I like the illustrated girl, she reminds me of Mrs. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction only kind of Egyptian.

Today is Rene Magritte's 110th birthday and Google is always on top of important events, as usual.

This is a candy store in Saint Louis, nearish to my house. I've only been there a couple of times but it's always nice to have a candy store in your neighborhood. It brings back a great feeling of old fashioned sensibilities.

I was super excited when I moved to California to see a See's Candy shop! I went there during Halloween (very broke but loving it all the same) and nearly left with a ghost shaped lollipop. I need to make another visit soon, Christmas is coming...

Tosca al Fresco by renmeleon on Flickr. It's so adorable, check out the spoon!
On the rise:
-sweets for the sweethearts
-bangs (when done properly that is. I could go into a serious discussion of how NOT to wear bangs...ahem, the bang girl on my campus)
Listening to:
-Sophie Ellis Bextor Sparkle
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