Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December Blues

I've got the blues and not of the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese variety.

It's really hard not to think about it and I suppose I'll be thinking about it everyday until the replacement gets here but I miss my bracelet! The more I reflect about it, the more I loved all of the heart charms, the pearls, even that safety pin I tossed on. It was the ultimate Instant Pretty Piece. Sure earlier this year I was distressed when my favorite red gemstone ring broke but that had a good couple of years with me so it was okay. But this bracelet didn't even make it for a month...

Ever get one of those days that feel like a lifetime in length? Today was that day for me. Not only did I work both of my jobs and go to three classes but it was absolutely freezing outside this morning and being my usual don't check the temperature self, just get out and go, I chilled considerably.

So I need to buy winter clothes. It's hard to get into the shopping spirit when:

1) Recession.

At this point, I am completely deaf with all things economical. I just won't listen to it anymore. It's irritating and soul crushing especially at this time of the year.

2) Christmas

The only parts of the commercialized monster I liked were suprising my family with gifts, wrapping them (it is an art and I am a master) , and the holiday cookies. Oh, and spending time with my rowdy family and hanging out with my friends while wearing Santa hats. The holidays make me feel a little relieved of some stress this year and empty too because I won't be going home to see anybody. And this is the last time that most of my friends will all be together in the same place. We were already splintering (growing up)...
Cal Lu needs to seriously get on the ball with their shitty magazine racks in the bookstore. There is never any copies of Vanity Fair when I need them.
That new Ladytron album is goodnesssss
I'm working on some collages of my fashion role models/icons. If a certain someone http://www.seaofshoes.com/ here decides to quit her blog, I will lose faith in this generation's youth.
On the rise:
-veils. Dita agrees, Kinley from Project Runway agrees, I agree. These are the best!
-Carrie necklace. I know SATC has been off the air for awhile but losing this bracelet feels almost identical to when Carrie lost her necklace...even worse is that I know some people who are like Petrovsky and do not care, thinking I am ridiculous. In any case, she did find hers but it took time. Fingers crossed.
Listening to:
-Ladytron I'm Not Scared
-Depeche Mode Precious
-Enigma Push The Limits
Au Revoir,
Love to you all,

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