Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Muse- Eva Green

Ever since I first saw The Dreamers, Eva Green has been my muse. When I was younger, I was very proud of the fact that I had dark hair, pale skin, and red lips but sad in a sense that there weren't a lot of women out there with a similar look. Since those days, Eva and Dita (von Teese) have emerged as well as several others. They are both two of my personal icons but while I consider Dita to inspire me more with dress, Eva inspires me facially. I adore her.

I love this velvet blazer and the messy hair. It looks like she was riding a horse and hopped off.

Looking straight up pinup, Eva reminds me of Bettie Page with the hair and shoes and garter. Very sexy and ultra sleek.

I was in class when I first saw this advertisement in a magazine I was reading and I nearly screamed. Perfection! Very dark and myterious and completely beautiful.

See? Eva agrees as well, veils are the best head piece to come out in a long time!

With Michael and Louis, costars from The Dreamers in an Armani advertisement that printed right around the time of the film's release.

Eva has modelled for many companies but will probably be best remembered in the Dior Midnight Poison ads. She was crowned "The New Cinderella", and in the commercial has to run to get to the ball before the clock strikes 12. The dress was fantastic, the flying sparkles, and of course, Muse's "Space Dementia" set the tone. You won't listen to the song the same way again after seeing the commercial.

I have a shirt very similar to the one she is wearing so this always takes me aback.

The blue, the reflection, the lighting, everything about this picture is exquisite.

It's always interesting to see Eva look a bit windswept and I love her posturing and outfit in this picture. Don't mess with the French.

Reminds me of Snow White but much lovelier.
On the rise:
-silverware jewelry. I mentioned a silver spoon necklace I wanted to buy and now Lucky has done a big spread on the rise of wearing the utensil.
-speeding up time. Finals aren't pleasant for anyone and it would be amazing if they were all over now
-slowing down time. Because I don't want to miss something. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button looks like it would be worth a visit to the theaters.
Listening to:
-The Last High The Dandy Warhols
-Sandra's Theme Danny Elfman
-Angel Massive Attack (I am a junkie with this song, I need to hear it everyday now. One day I will get sick of it. If that happens, I'm fairly certain I'll lose a part of myself I shouldn't.)

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