Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turn Around, Close Your Eyes, Make a Wish and Throw

I'm sure everybody threw a penny into a fountain at some point in their life. I remember as a little girl seeing not just pennies but quarters and dimes which made me wonder if your "luck" was somehow better than that of a person with a single penny.
I doubt it.
My brother and I used to dip our hands into the water and take out the pennies, stealing the wishes of so many others and taking them for ourselves.
As a little girl, I used to wish for a million dollars. I stopped wishing for that because it was impossible to grant.
Then I started to wish for a boyfriend. That one was my most ardent wish for a long time. I stopped that one. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that I never worked on making the wish happen.
There is an apartment complex in my neighborhood that has a fountain in front of it. Every night, it would light up and the water would turn different colors. Pennies littered the bottom of the surface, a multitude of copper light.

Cecilia: You idiot...You realize that's probably the most valuable thing we own?
Robbie: Not anymore it isn't.

What do I wish for now?
Close your eyes and imagine.

Love to you all,

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