Friday, November 7, 2008

Ritz, Glitz, Blitz

I will completely honest here. Originally, I did not intend to read the Twilight series. It seemed like everybody was hopping on that bandwagon and I was determined to not get on because when I start liking a book series, I really get into it, buy every book, obsess over the characters, etc. My friend Megan suggested the books to me so I decided to buy the first one, read it all the way through, and if I didn't like it, then I would read no more.
I liked it. Alot.
Too much. I was WAY into these books. I couldn't put them down and read them on the job, in the car, at the doctor's office, you name it, a Twilight book was in my bag at all times. I even stood in line at Barnes and Noble at midnight for Breaking Dawn, the final book in the series. I read it for a couple of hours, went to sleep, and then went to work the next morning, still reading.
Twilight is about a vampire Edward and a mortal Bella who fall in love and it is a love full of obstacles. Edward is the perfect man, every girl's dream. Kind, smart, protective, and gorgeous. Though he is lacking on the funny bone...
Anyway, a movie adaptation is set to release on Nov. 21st (guess what I'm doing that day). Kirsten Stewart will be playing Bella (a perfect choice) and the smoldering amazingness that is Robert Pattinson will be blinding me with his beautiful role as Edward.
This picture is so elegant. So classic. The perfect couple.

Onward to a less than perfect couple, I recently found on via Perez (my bad habit site) that Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson broke up. No surprises there. Manson typically dates a different woman for each album he puts out. The interesting part is that they broke up on my birthday which makes the 14 year old in me going through my "rebellion" phase do a little dance of joy.
My mom has also mentioned that she is distressed that my 9 year old brother Ethan is also currently obsessed with Manson, a prospect that fills me with all kinds of delight as he may be following in my footsteps. I'm encouraging her to give him all of my old Manson CD's to listen to.

Who doesn't love pinup girls? Vanity Fair does a one page spread on up and coming Hollywood actresses in a pinup fashion. This picture was sent to me via Bust magazine.

This is a neighborhood in San Francisco know as Pacific Heights aka So Expensive That I Can Only Dream Of Living Here. I like the style of the houses, they remind me of dream house mansions for dolls and the pastel coloring makes me think about Easter.
Pacific Heights is mentioned in the book Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn, a book that was pretty much my 8th grade staple.

This is the wedding dress I won off ebay. I still haven't paid for it (with shipping and handling it will be about seventy five dollars) and I still think about buying the dress every now and then. The style is quite simple but pretty and the idea of walking around on the campus in it makes me smile but (and there is always a but) I don't know...I need some more peer pressure to do this.
Next week, my big surprise is coming in the mail. It's a Christmas gift for myself and I'm very excited about it.

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