Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change Is Coming

My own history of politics goes something like this. I was born into a very conservative, very Republican family. When I was young, my relatives had it drilled into my head that Democrat=bad. Because I have a natural tendency to do the opposite of what somebody tells me to do and I spent a good deal of my teenage years asking questions that I felt were never answered properly, I decided that I would read up and figure out my own views as opposed to mindlessly listening to my parents. I lean to the left politically for various reasons and I am happy here. I won't try to force my views onto anybody and I always enjoy hearing a different opinion because that's what makes the world so unique.
Last night was in a sense, magical. I was watching CNN and reading my US Weekly at the same time. I'm not sure what happened but I remember looking up for a brief second and boom! Barack Obama won the election. I called my family, my friends, sent text messages, and pretty much spent the rest of the night giggling nonstop, a big smile on my face. I will never forget Nov. 4, is going to change, things will get better, being positive is the way to go.
On the rise:
-dropping pessimistic attitudes in favor of positive ones (and this one is particularly difficult for me, as I spent so much of my life being angry...what for, it's hard to tell)
Listening to:
-Perry Farrell's Going All The Way
Love to you all,

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