Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reel Style: Marion Cotillard in "Jeux d'Enfants"

This is an absolutely delightful gem of a film I happened to come across in my senior year of high school on Showtime. The American title is "Love Me If You Dare" and it is about Julien (Guillaume Canet) and Sophie (Marion Cotillard), two childhood friends always playing truth of dare (game or no game) with one another-a game that spirals out of control the older the pair grow.

A dare from Julien, Sophie wears her bra and underwear on the outside. There is something to be said about this look. Under some circumstances, it could be trashy (i.e. leopard print bra) but since the bra is a plain white and her underwear (not pictured) is solid red, it actually comes off as quite humorous. And Marion carries herself with confidence while in the ensemble, not easy to pull off in undergarments.

Sophie and Julien right after Sophie's arm has been broken after kicking a guy in the groin. Her outfit here is quite simple but comfortable. Checkered top, blue jeans, shoulder bag. The button on the bag says "Shut the fuck up!", the whole look practically screams college student which is she at that moment. I am very drawn to the hair. The bangs, the middle part separated, nothing is smooth and glossed and hairsprayed out. It is very simple and the simplicity of the look, the minimalism is key.

I really like this dress. There is much more detailing below. And yes, that is a condom in Julien's hand for Sophie to better "study men" with.

Back at the flower printed dress. I like the flare on the bottom, matches up quite nicely to the ruffle on the sleeves. The headband is a bonus. I am drawn to the red flats, Marion's Sophie wears flats throughout most of the film and I have recently purchased a pair of red flats for myself, similar to the ones in the photo.

This is when Sophie is going out on dates post Julien. It's not the best outfit in the world but certainly fits the atmosphere and the way her hair is styled feels very free and casually tousled.

Her barista look is very much akin to one I used to wear when I did barista work. She is crisp and tidy, once again with the minimality. The tie is sharp, stands out against the white of the shirt well, great contrast.

The dinner with Julien, this shot is not the best of her dress. See below. But this is a wonderful picture that really shows her best smile.

Dinner part deux. I LOVE that purple flower! Makes the satin black dress POP! Her hair is also quite chic, made me get a little bobby pin obsessed.

At Julien's wedding to Cristelle, my absolute favorite look. The bride gone contemporary. The short pink dress is attached to a long veil in the back. Her shoes are low heels and those lace gloves are just the right touch for Sophie's constantly ante up personality, displaying that she may talk big but is delicate underneath it all.

Married to Sergei, Sophie's outfit is comfortable, her hair is cut shorter and the ruffles on the sleeves evoke the red flower dress from earlier. The printed pants are a no but she is at home and not out and about so that makes it a bit more acceptable.
At the hospital with Sergei, this strapless fire red number is pure elegance.

Said gown out in the rain with the red flats making their triumphant return. Notice once again, minimalism. No baubles on the neck, no clutch, no hair pieces.
Perfection, even when wet.
A great movie!
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