Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Fashion Crystal Ball

Since I live in California now, I've found that I don't have to do my usual winter clothing shopping. Back home, I had to get gloves, scarves, coats, the whole bit. It got me to thinking what if I didn't come here and what I would be wearing during the winter months.
This is the Maria Trench. I own a red version of this coat but the blue is so utterly striking that I can't help but want it too. My red coat is at home, deciding not to take it was a small regret of mine. Sometimes I lie awake at night, thinking about it. The coat cinches in at the waist, flaring out into a circular skirt at the bottom.

This is the Elizabeth coat. The cuffs of the jacket and buttonholes are very bold and striking, creating a kind of mix between old world Victorian and a modern day Matrix inspired look.

Victorian, indeed. This brocade jacket has gold buttons and a high sailor stand collar. Perfect for afternoons of tea and crumpets. The lace drew me in like no other.

These gloves are made of leather and with their tiny ruffles stitched on, appear very ladylike. The bright fuschia will make them pop out when paired with something darker, like a long sleeved black shirt or even white would do quite nicely.

This popcorn beret is bananas, I tell you! I'm not a hat person at all but it looks incredibly cozy and most importantly, it covers the ears. Crucial in 20 degree temperatures.

I am a scarf girl and like all kinds from fashion scarves to heavy duty winter scarves. With this one, I feel it would be better if the flower was a different color, it tends to blend in to the rest of the scarf and lose its appeal. I would pair this with a brightly colored shirt, yellow or red would be good.

They HAD to go and make a T-shirt of my favorite fictional couple. T-shirts are something I'm trying to edge out of my wardrobe entirely. I'm not referring to plain shirts, more like the ones with the ironic sayings (band names, shirts with soda names on them). Since I'm in my 20's now, I feel they are not the proper attire for my age group and now I wear them in my dorm room mostly, occasionally outside but not often.
I will only look at and admire this one for now. Maybe a good purchase for a 14 year old but certainly not a 21 year old.

This is the Evie ruffle shirt. The danger of these shirts is that they are completely sheer and see-through. So a tank top underneath or a slip is a must unless you like to mix it up. Then by all means go ahead ;)

It was love at first sight the moment I laid eyes on this sequined cardigan by Coincidence & Chance. There is a small set of sequins on the front but it is very small, leaving the attention where it belongs on the upper back. Completely gorgeous and unexpected. It would be a very good idea to wear your hair up with this, a bun or a twist. Then the person sitting behind you in social ethics will have something lovely to look at.

I have a great affinity for skirts and try as often as I can to wear them over pants which I find stifling. This taffeta crinkle skirt by Jessica McClintock is akin to some skirts I already own and love wearing.
This is definitely a skirt that I would have bought a few years ago and worn the death out of. I still find it totally appealing though. Pair it with the bright tights and a leather jacket and some eyeliner and presto, a badass ensemble.

I'm not a fan of the skinny jean but these teal cords are super soft and really pretty. Perfect for a holiday party or a party in general.

Heart shaped glasses...Lolita, anyone? Obviously I like them. Strangely, I haven't gotten around to getting a pair yet. Priorities must be put in order!
It may not be practical to wear heels in the snow but I never said I was practical girl. These are really pretty, the burgundy shade is most excellent. I also like the gold zipper and the fact that they are closed toe. See, practical for winter after all!
These Mary Jane pumps are tres chic. They would be even better if they came in more shades though...
Some girls are stiletto girls. I am a flats girl. I wear them all, in any and every shade and especially enjoy a metallic silver flat. The pointed toe adds an extra bit of fanciness, as in pay attention to me.

'Cause sometimes when you think about shoes, socks pop up. These socks are pretty much similar to the ones I used to wear as a little girl. There is an air of girlish innocence to these lace socks and also when paired with a short skirt and heels (or even flats) a little vixen feel.

Crocheted socks rock! Especially over the knee. Reminds me of being in high school with the uniforms and all, which could be fashionable if you tweaked it with your own accessories. These are perfect on cold days.

Oh tights, how I will never stop loving you. A staple in my wardrobe, opaque tights are now expanding past the traditional shades of black and white to neon green and pink. They liven up an outfit instantly and are quite affordable. Invest in tights!

I love Disney Couture totes! I own virtually every single (pretty) one. I like this one but the big drawback is Tinkerbelle. She always rubbed me the wrong way...

I already own this necklace, purchased during a visit to Urban Outfitters with my Mom. They are known as "destination" necklaces and you could pick one from nearly any major city on the globe. I would have gone with Russia but they did not have a charm necklace with cossacks and samovars and tiny Faberge eggs so I went with France instead. Made to appear antiqued.

I like the idea of wearing a utensil around my neck.

Okay, this is the big one. This is made by Susan Jane and it is a vintage charm bracelet. The spider a huge focus here, beautiful and managing not to be creepy. Gorgeous.
Phew! What a list. If I treated some of my classes with the attention and devotion I bestow on clothes, well, I guess I'd be smarter, right?
On the rise:
-pretty little things (small snippets of lace, ruffles, bringing back the girly girl)
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-Depeche Mode Shake The Disease
-The White Stripes Blue Orchid
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Sarah Von said...

The tiny spoon necklace is delicious! I would love to use it to coyly sip soup in a fancy restaurant. "What? Don't you guys take your spoons with you everywhere? On a necklace?"