Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I love photography of all sorts and Bruno Dayan is quite a visionary. Naughty and nice.

Money, money, money!

This is an office building in Prague known as "the dancing house." Vlado Milunić, a Czech architect, and Frank Gehry designed it. I would love to go in here one day.

I had this dream on Friday that was actually one of the more pleasant dreams I've had in some time. Usually my dreams are pretty violent and scary, filled with death and murder. I've actually died in some of my dreams before, which is odd because it has been said that if you die in your dreams, you die in real life...
Onward, in this dream I was on campus and there was a big oak tree in the middle of the school grounds that grew doughnuts (though none as big as the one this guy is eating). They were all glazed and I really wanted one but everybody kept pulling the doughnuts off the lower branches and the only ones left were at the top of the tree. I couldn't reach them, nobody would help me but I still kept trying to get there. I woke up before I got my doughnut. Maybe this is supposed to tie in to my life, keep working to get what you really want despite the obstacles?

Charlie: Okay, alright, I'm ready to rock.
Mac: And who are you supposed to be?
Charlie: Bob Dylan, man. Check this out [hands Mac a crudely drawn picture]
Mac: Jesus, we're all over the place. [looks at picture] Is this a page from a coloring book?
Charlie: No dude, that's 'Night Man', those are lyrics.
Mac : Whatever, lets just rock.
Frank: Okay, this is what I'm talking about.
Charlie: Alright, where's my curtain
Mac: Charlie, don't worry about the curtain, you're not gonna need it.
Charlie: I want a curtain blocking my face.
Mac: you don't need one.
Frank: [to an unkempt man working on wiring] Go on, go have a beer, Ernie.
Charlie: Alright, ready.
Frank: 5, 6, 7, 8
Charlie: [singing] Night Man, sneaky and mean. Spider inside my dreams, I think I love you. You make me want to cry, you make me want to die. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you Night Man. Every night you come into my room and pin me down with your strong arms, And pin me down and I try to fight you, You come inside me and fill me up and I become the Night Man.
Mac: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Charlie. Hang on a second. I mean the first half of that song was kind of cool, but what's with the second half?
Charlie: It's about the Night Man, like, you know, like filling me up, and I become him, I become the spirit of the Night Man.
Mac: But it sounds like a song where a man breaks into your house and rapes you.
Charlie: What, dude? Where are you getting that from? Alright, [resumes singing] It's just two men sharing the night. It might seem wrong, but it's just right. It's just two men sharing each other. It's just two men like lovin' brothers. One on top, and one on bottom. One inside, and one is out. One is screaming he's so happy and the other's screaming a passionate shout. It's the Night Man. The feeling so wrong and right man, the feeling so wrong and right man. I can't fight you man when you come inside me and pin me down with your strong hands and I become the Night... the passionate, passionate Night Man.
Mac: We need a new front man...
Without this show, I think there would be alot of pent-up laughter inside of me.

On the rise:
-architecture of all sorts, uniquely designed a plus
Listening to:
-Hercules and Love Affair You Belong
-Kate Ryan Elle Ella L A
-Alanis Morissette Uninvited

Love to you all,

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