Monday, November 10, 2008

We Need a Rainy Day

So I called home a few days ago and my Mom told me that I got a "really cute catalog" in the mail from none other than Free People, a clothing brand that usually sells at Urban Outfitters and also has several stand alone stores. I went onto their website last night and requested a catalog and then sat and salivated over the clothes for a bit.
Free People is a very bohemian style of clothing and they pay a great attention to detail, placing lace or sequins into places that you least expect them to go. I like the Slouched Dancer Top in the mushroom shade because this top is off the shoulder and very billowy in the sleeves until we get to the cuffs which are very tight and tailored to the wrist. I also like the Hooded Moonshine Cowl (a gold sequined surprise at the hood!) and the Jacquard Impressions Skirt in blue, very striking.

This is a picture of Evan Rachel Wood at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting The Wrestler. I love this picture because you can visualize yourself as her if but momentarily, an actress facing her press and people. And the dress is absolutely beautiful, bringing to mind Keira Knightley's from Atonement.
Aww, Evan. I still love you, no matter what. You're a great actress.

Some people like dogs or cats. I like swans, peacocks, flamingos, the birds. Swans in particular are my favorites. When I was growing up, I really had a thing for this movie The Swan Princess about a princess who is turned into a swan and a prince that has to save her. This movie spawned my love affair with the swan and when my 3rd grade class had to write reports on their favorite pet, I managed to convince my teacher to let me write about the swan.
They are so graceful. I love their long necks and that when you get two of them together, a very visible heart is formed. I also love the bright orange of the beaks and the white feathers, it's all so pretty.

Because we are arriving on the week of the release of Quantum of Solace, it's only right to talk about Ian Fleming, the author of several James Bond publications including the last film Casino Royale. Writing this makes my heart wistful because I would never have known about Ian Fleming if I hadn't of met Michael, the deeply tanned, New Jersey born, UPS driver at my volunteer job. Since I'm not working there anymore, I'll always wonder where he went and I hope he does beautifully in life.
I guess I am bound to aestheically long for certain men in my life forever. There are a couple that I have motivating me on this one story I'm working on and I'll leave it at that.

The best Bond girl ever, my muse, Eva Green.
On the rise:
-it's all in the details, unexpected detailing on the littlest things
-clothing that billows and flairs out, less emphasis on tight apparel
Listening to:
-Kate Ryan Voyage, Voyage
-Enigma Shadows in Silence
Love to you all,

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