Friday, June 11, 2010

Tasty Delights

Hello everyone!

Quick life update. Thank you so much for all of your good wishes for my grandpa. He's doing better right now, as far as I last heard which is such a relief.

I am now officially moved into my new bedroom and will be spending the weekend getting it nicely done up with some furniture. I'm going to have to buy a camera to photograph the end result. If it matches up to my mental image, I plan on having simple, minimalistic pieces with a refined, chic look. I know in college I used to have a penchant for lots of posters and pop culture everywhere you turned, but this time I feel the need to be reserved. Sort of.

My job interview is tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

Remodeling on this blog like whoa too. I like the new look much more.

Moving along, let's talk yummy eats.

As a child, I was notoriously a picky eater. I had issues with lots of foods and tended to stay within a little bracket called Chicken Fingers-French Fries-Cookies. I used to eat spaghetti without sauce (in my defense, so did my best friend). Brocoli, avocado, pickles. I detested them all. Corn was the only acceptable vegetable to me and this was generally on the cob variety.

Thankfully, my taste buds have changed since then. Unfortunately, I am still a bracket eater, but this time, the bracket is healthier and includes vegetables!

Warning. Photos may inspire extreme cases of hunger, stomach growls, runs to the kitchen. There might be drool.

The trifecta. Mac 'n cheese, tomato soup, and grilled cheese.

Of the three, tomato soup is a recent new love of mine. When I was in SF, I went to Boudins fairly often. The one in Pier 39 is ridiculously busy with a much fuller menu than prior locations I had been to that offered tomato soup each day. One extremely chilly afternoon, I walked down there and tried a bowl.

Easily one of the most delicious choices I've made in my life.

Grilled cheese is also another favorite of mine. Sometimes I put tomatoes in it for an extra kick. It's wonderful that way. I enjoy my grilled cheeses almost burnt too, the cheese melts fairly well inside the crisp bread.

Mac 'n Cheese is a classic. Grate some extra cheddar on top and bake the noodles to enhance the experience.

I love French fries. They've been with me throughout my whole life. However, as of recently, I've figured out a way to enhance them even further. Ready for the secret? Ranch Dressing to dip in. Specifically Ken's Steakhouse Ranch. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to even consider eating my fries sans the ranch. (Ranch was also a condiment I would never, ever touch as a child. It's weird how everything I detested then I love now.)

"Hey Heather, whatcha making for dinner?"

The answer, most recently, is a quesadilla. I've already been a big fan of Mexican food, but the quesadilla took time for me to find out about and try. Generally, I love them with lots of cheese inside, pico de gallo, sour cream, and extra salsa. The spicier, the better!

The omelet is also a more recent addition to my palate. Generally I don't like to eat breakfast. I get tired after eating it and stick to lunch and dinner as my main meals of the day. An egg and cheese omelet is what I'll usually pick to eat at a still-down eatery as my breakfast of choice. Plus, they tend to come with at least two sides and a muffin. It's a good deal all around.

Pasta with broccoli and some sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top? Yes please.

As a former sandwich artist, I still count sandwiches to be among my favorite foods. You get crafty when all of the ingredients are at your disposal and wind up creating strange and wonderful 'wiches.
I'm by the book with my favorite sandwich, the Sierra Turkey from Panera Bread. Cheese focaccia bread with field greens, turkey, onions, and chipotle dressing. It's the greatest thing you will order there (sans the Broccoli Cheddar soup of course).

Chips 'n dip. I used to absolutely despise guacamole as a kid. I'm beginning to wonder what was wrong with me back then. Oh well. At least now, we're making up for lost time.

My favorite fast food eatery? Look no further than below...

In 'n Out Burger! One of my best friends and I used to go here once a week to talk nonstop about life and enjoy the marvelous cheeseburgers they have. I say "used to" because it is summer, but when the school year (hers, not mine) starts up again, we'll be resuming the habit.

Okay everyone, what are the foods you love? I judge no choice, no matter how unhealthy or obscure.

Love to you all,


Lane :) said...

i'm glad to hear he's doing better. :)

JoJo said...

The grilled cheese just did for me! I'm salivating. Oh, and I also sometimes put tomatoes in it for kicks.

Naka said...

i love tomato soup so much!

Carys said...

Glad to hear your grandad's doing better! I was such a fussy eater as a kid, and I still hardly ever eat sauce on anything! One of the few exceptions is nachos, I love them too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Anonymous said...

good to hear good news about your grandma! all the best for her!

how, fun! new room! now you got me hungry! hehe

knk said...

yummy yummy food , i feel too much hungry , people like me never left food

i love this post

have a love;y weekend

Claire Kiefer said...

So funny to read this, I am currently obsessed with Boudin's tomato soup!!! In a breadbowl. :) It's one of the most delicious things in my life . . . I think I might have a minor addiction. I've tried to recreate it and it's not the same. SO GOOD!

natalie said...

I'm glad your grandpa is doing better! :)

Oh my goodness, this post made me EXTREMELY hungry! I'm now severely craving grilled cheese... Mmmm. We don't have an In n' Out Burger in Pennsylvania, but it sounds yummyful!

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Yummy, Heather, you've made me hungry! Can't think of anything but dinner right now, tomato soup & grilled cheese-sandwich!
I also love your new blog layout, and the header picture is darling :)

Diana Mieczan said...

That post is making my so hungry...I love tomato soup with cheese sticks:)
Kisses darling and enjoy your weekend:) Muah

English Rose ♥ said...

Yummiest post ever! SO happy to hear about your grandad heather, i hope he keeps going from strength to strength.

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling and for the award, it’s so much appreciated =]

Je suis désolée for the late reply! ADORE the new layout by the way!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

The Zhush said...

That trifecta is MY trifecta..yum!

Bathwater said...

I like the new image on top better than the old image, that old image crept me out for some reason.

I keep wanting to add pop references to my place but keep thinking I'm to old for that. Blah I should do it in a sophisticated way.

Anonymous said...


i am SOOOO hungry right now


it al look soooo good!! i love the picture in your title
its awesome

i am a new follower of your blog!
care to follow me back?

Anonymous said...

I was a super picky eater too! My mom said I would say I hated something before I even knew what it was. But every single pic made me salivate -especially the guacamole. Yumm!!!!

Anonymous said...


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I LOVE the sight make over, and I LOVE these photos - except, now I am ridiculously hungry. I like Thai and Indian food!

Ally said...

so apparently we have the same taste in food. i love everything you've featured here. anything with cheese basically.

good to hear your settling in, gramps is doing well and you have a job interview!

Dancing Branflake said...

You're right- I am so hungry right now! And I can't believe you went your whole life without ranch and French Fries. That's a staple in my life! Ranch and pizza is also delicious.
I love the new blog look. It reflects a start of a new time in your life.

woodlandsblonde said...

Oh my goodness YUM! Everything on there loooooks soooooo good :)

Some of my favorite foods....I LOVE cheese, I make eggs & cheese most mornings scrambled...chicken salad sandwiches from chik-fil-a, their waffle fries, ketchup, Velveeta shells and cheese, chips and queso!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

You were right. These photos are making me faint. And I just ate lunch too! Lol.

Wow. Such yummy eats. I have a weakness for hummus and pita. That's my favorite meal! :)

drollgirl said...

you are making me SO VERY HUNGRY! i am trying to eat healthier -- more organic fruits and veggies, and less meat. i have cut out dairy and caffeine for the meantime, but BOY am i dragging today! wah.

best of luck to you with the interview! i know you will WOW them! :)

p.s. your blog looks great! love the new look!

MT Days & Nights said...

OMG that mac and cheese looks amazing. I could eat it everyday!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh my god.
Dude, you just made me so hungry, and I just ate dinner.

Lizzie said...

RE: Thank you! I have gotten so much positive feedback about the idea that I am just itching to get started, which is why you offering to do fashion is fantastic! That's just we lacked. :]

I'll be writing a new entry within the next 24 hours catching everyone up to speed. My hope is, though, to be starting to blog by this upcoming Monday, June 21st.

Thanks again for signing on as a contributor! I can't wait.

Margaret said...

ummm YUMMM!!! :D
thanks for all the gorgeous comments on my blog, miss :)

ifashionberry said...

Oh gosh! That food looks so yummy! :3 Well, I love your blog and I hope you check mine out!
P.s.- Please be sure to follow! ;)

Anonymous said...

This food looks incredible. And I'm glad that your grandpa is doing better.

Romantic Heroine said...

that looks all so yummy.
and I love your new layout. it's gorgeous!