Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Go Ask Alice

Miss Mia Wasikowska in this month's Teen Vogue. She's absolutely stunning! With this haircut, she reminds me enormously of Mia Farrow (circa Rosemary's Baby) and she has the most incredible doe eyes.


I need a copy of this magazine in my life.

This is a short one today- I haven't posted since Saturday! Crazy how school can take over everything in your life.

Love to you all,


bijoubijou said...

lovee that 3rd dress!



Amanda Lalique said...

Gorgeous shoot. She is so pretty and so Mia Farrow! Love her look...so natural and feminine.


belle in arms said...

That is why I never go to school anymoore. It always interferewith the rest of my life. Beautiful blog!

Miri said...

belle I agree with you. And I loveh the rosepolkadotblackandwhitehairthingy. You made mylife bettah today.
love miri

English Rose ♥ said...

She is totally Mia Farrow!

Merci beaucoup for the super sweet comment ma chérie =]

Stay safe and chic darling,
English Rose x

JennyMac said...

Gorgeous pics!

Sadako said...

OOoh, she does look very Mia Farrow. Very nice.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Go ask Alice = frightening book! Have you read it? And yes she looks crazy Mia Farrow, j'adore!

MT Days & Nights said...

SO WEIRD, I was just talking about that book last night. She can totally pull off that hair cut!

the girl in grey said...

America's Teen Vogue?
Still am in love with your blog.
Thank you for your steady flow of comments on my blog.
Love x10

harps said...

Go ask Alice....when she's 10 feet tall?

One of my favourite songs ever.

Pretty photos, she is quite unusual looking... by Hollywood standards anyway.

Eva said...

She is quite lovely. I admire all the ladies on the side of your blog.

Jaime said...

Stunning photos. Wow she is gorgeous! Can't wait to see this movie!

Marian said...

she looks gorgeous! cant wait to see the movie

Anonymous said...

cute! I love the bow :)

~ http://hellomisschic.blogspot.com

Pearl Westwood said...

She really suits that little crop, love the blue dress!

Krissy ♥ said...

I almost don't recognize her! So used to seeing in the Alice get-up. But boy, is she ever stunning! I can't wait to see what she'll do after Alice.