Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Raining Awards!

Woo-hoo, number 2! This time it is from the ever so charming, English Rose. Thank you darling!

Write 7 things about yourself and tag 7 others to receive the award.

7 More Tidbits About Me...
1) I have the most beat-up, dropped, scraped-up Blackberry in all the world. Once it used to be a very pretty phone, but time and experiences and traveling halfway across the United States made it a little more world-weary. It's been through life, this little guy. And still has excellent reception.

2) I love soda, especially Cherry Coke, Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Vault. Whatever happened to Slice? That was one helluva delicious orange soda!

3) You know when you're like, 8 and playing MASH with your friends and you have to fill up a list of 5 guys who want to marry and you totally can't do it because you didn't start thinking guys were attractive until 6th grade because puberty hit you really, really late and by now, that entire list would be filled about 80 times over with various celebrities and high school crushes? Bart Simpson was my go-to guy back then. What a badass.

4) When I was younger, I loved Disney Channel programming. I never missed an episode of Lizzie McGuire or Even Stevens and had a big fat crush on the guy in Phil of the Future. The stars on those shows had charisma. The other night, I turned on Disney Channel and I was horrified at the new shows now on. I really cannot get into any of that. Those kids just don't look right. A little bit too perfectly pulled together.

5) You know that romantic moment in movies where it's raining at night and the guy that you're still hung up on runs by screaming your name in the rain? That's happened to me. It was the furthest thing from romantic I can think of, but because my roomie was with me, she was a witness to the fact that...

6)...weird, absurdly strange, inconceivable things CONSTANTLY happen to me on a near-daily basis. Sometimes my friends and even my own parents think I'm making it up, but I'm not. My life is seriously stranger than fiction. Case in point: yesterday I lost a bra strap. Not even kidding. It was a detachable strap that somehow fell off and out of my shirt. So now somewhere on my school campus lies a part of my bra.
And that, my friends, is only the beginning of the oddities of my life.

7) I love to laugh and make jokes and have other people laugh. Laughter is so much fun! Especially the kind that gets your cheek muscles to strain and you start to cry because it hurts so much but in a fantastic, good way.

Lucky 7 to get tagged are:
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La vie...J'aime
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Fantastical Fashion

And once again, I'm very sorry if my links don't go through. I may need to get a crash course in how to do it properly.

Love to you all,


enc said...

I'm thrilled that on my first visit to your blog, I get to learn so much about you!

You're so young! (#4) LOL.

That bra strap story is crazy, I've never heard of that! Maybe the strap would fall off, and stay inside your shirt, but disappear completely? Wild.

Happy New Year!

cupcake♥trash said...

congrats on your award!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Aha, how can you lose a bra strap? Thats ridiculous!

Liya said...

congrats and thanks :) that's so sweet of you!! and i loved reading this post haha
i'll be sure to thank you and whatnot on my next post!!


Sadako said...


I've never lost a bra strap. Wow!

Jaime said...

Thank you!! You are too sweet :)

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Fantastical Fashion said...

Ahh thank you hun :) these posts are a good way of learning about the people behind the blogs and I always find a lot of quirky things I can relate to haha
Much love!
FF x

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh your poor bra strap and you! O.o The person who finds it shall be bemused.
5 made me giggle.

Thank you so very much for tagging me. :)

Florrie x

the girl in grey said...

Thanks for tagging me!(:

CC said...

"I have the most beat-up, dropped, scraped-up Blackberry in all the world." I do too. BUt I don't want to change it b'cause I love it so much.

"When I was younger, I loved Disney Channel programming." Ditto. I mean, who didn't love watching those shows?

Great post! ;)

Chloe said...

I still love the disney channel, hehe ;)

Mademoiselle Chic blog said...

love my blackberry also! :)

syd vicious said...

Thank you!! I love #6.

Amanda Lalique said...

really cute posts Heather! Congrats on the award!!!


Phoenix said...

Congrats on the award! I too have the weirdest luck and the damndest things happen to I guess it's good that we have blogs!

So did that guy who hollered your name in the rain end up getting the girl? ;)