Sunday, January 10, 2010

Insert Eye Related Pun Here

Alexis Bledel, you deserve a song about your eyes.

Reason #1
1) From a distance, in everything from professional photo shoots to TV appearances to old Gilmore Girls reruns, you cannot deny just how stunning they are. Like the perfect shade of ocean blue. Natural and gorgeous.

2) When I think of stars with great eyes, my thoughts tend to drift in the direction of Elizabeth Taylor (she of the violet hue), David Bowie (one blue and the other green) and Bette Davis (you really can't compose a list without her). Davis got a song for her peepers, entitled "Bette Davis Eyes" sung by the wonderful Kim Carnes.

By the way, Leighton Meester covered that song recently. Save your ears the 3 minutes and something seconds. Some songs just should not be covered.

I really can't think of any stars in my generation with remarkable eyes. Alexis could definitely get a song written about her and it would be a hit. Guaranteed.

If you had it performed by mopey guys with lots of product in their hair and lyrics composed of lines such as "craving the swollen splinter/I too fell into her clutches of silken winter" then it would be the hipster anthem of the decade. Just saying.

3) If Robert Rodriguez decides that in an entirely black and white film with minimal splashes of color, that your eyes get to be one of the few shades to grace the darkened room, then I'd say your eyes have it. Most definitely.

Love to you all,


The Perfect Stranger said...

OMG I absolutely Love Her!Wonderful

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh she's beautiful- actually she has an amazing hair colour.
I keep looking at everyone's hair because I'm planning to change colour! =)

Florrie x

Phoebe Rose said...

Oh Alexis has the most stunning eyes!
I love the gilmore girls way too much ha :)

cupcake♥trash said...

the only thing I have seen her in is Sin City, she is really cute.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh when I started reading your post all I can think of was her in Sin City. She does have very striking eyes.

Thank u so much for your compliment girl! I love your header & just love dreams. I hope your having a great weekend!

Sadako said...

Leighton Meester covered Bette Davis Eyes?! Travesty!

English Rose ♥ said...

I ADORE Alexis and omg her eyes - I am so jealous

Love the new header dearest - its fabulous

Thanks so much for the lovely comment - sorry for such a late reply!

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

stylingscholars said...

i think absolutely (story of a girl) by nine days is the perfect song for her.
go alexis!
...cried a river n drowned the whole world, while she looked so sad in photographs, i absolutely love her when she smiles:))

Liya said...

she is SO stunning it hurts

Courtney said...

You are so right about her eyes-- they are such a gorgeous and striking color!

Melmo said...

you're so right. she si stunning and esp her wonderful eyes. so clearly blue. just lovable.

Lauren said...

she is so gorgeous. i love her dark hair contrasting with those blue eyes!!

the girl in grey said...

Lovely post.
I would love it if you were featured on my site! Just Email me:

Phoenix said...

Yup. She's definitely drop-dead gorgeous...those eyes tell a million stories :)

And I love, love, LOVED her on Gilmore Girls :)

Anonymous said...

she's so pretty! :)


drollgirl said...

her eyes are AMAZING! have i even seen her before? just lovely!

p.s. and i love that song by kim carnes. i give it a 10!