Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Time Too Many


I promised myself I would never write about this, but myself is running off of 30 minutes of sleep today. I dozed off in all three of my classes today and a few times while I was trying to tutor. Bad, I know.

I saw you today. It's been awhile and even though I know it's just my sleep-deprived mind talking, you looked better than ever. You even wore a nice pair of pants.

Shut up, sleepyhead. Just go to sleep and forget that today really happened. Dreamland beckons, but I am miles from it again.

You, and you know who you are, you looked great.

I didn't like that you looked so nice.
I didn't like that your hug felt too warm.
And I really didn't like that you had this perfect 5 o'clock shadow thing happening and all I wanted to do was reach up and touch your face, but I know you would have gotten weirded out even if it is me and that's how I behave.

And I really, really didn't like that you didn't look at me once when I left, even though I was behaving obnoxiously loud and irritating.

Above all, I hate that you will never read this. You know it though. You'd get the white roses reference. I hope.

You always will.

I am running. I'll meet you halfway.

Love to you all,


Jaime said...

Great post.

Love your header too- so provocative!

drollgirl said...

oh girl. i hear you. oh, this stuff is so hard. i am in the midst of pining after someone that is gone, and that would probably never work out the way i wanted it to. but it still hurts, and it is hard to stop wanting. :(

hang in there.

Aurora said...

heather, this is truly lovely. I always preferred this kind of love.. though I do have a boyfriend, and a girlfriend I might add, I still think love shows its best side this way. maybe it's destructive thinking, dunno.

Sadako said...

I agree--your header rocks, and so do all your photographs. You've got one of the prettiest blogs I've read!


Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

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Anonymous said...