Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Greatest Time of Year

For as much as I love Halloween and try to stick strictly by that holiday solely as my favorite, I cannot resist the allure of the impending December holidays including the big one, Christmas. My family always did know how to celebrate that day with a kick. For years, we had a white tree until last year when they bought a blue tree. A new special ornament goes on each year, we bake tons of cookies and sweets, my brothers and I watch gobs of TV specials, and I obsessively buy tons of ribbons, bow, and gilded wrapping paper for presents, which look better with each year (it's a talent of mine).

I've been inspired by holiday preparations online and Sephora, always bright and beautiful, is going for the sparkles. WHAT AN ADVERTISEMENT!!! I love everything about it, the tints, the glitter, the typography, whoa!

Just as equally festive and gorgeous!

I really like how they aren't sticking with the routine shades of red, green, and white (though they probably can't seeing as it is marketed towards holidays with no one in particular). Every color makes it more festive and party ready.

I can't resist anything sparkly and I'm dying to know just how they Photoshopped this in to look so pretty.

Sephora aside, other makeup giants also get their time to shine this season. Model Lindsay Ellingson brings the glitz and glam to MAC cosmetics. I get excited just looking at this picture, it makes me want to go to a holiday party and dance to some holiday songs!

Its Red Again.
I pulled up some of Starbucks campaigns last year for the successful red cup. Thanks to their success from last year, they are continuing the red cup tradition to house the holiday beverages, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog, and Gingerbread latte. These cups this year have inspiring phrases and words like "pass the cheer" and "hope" scrawled on them.

Back home, I used to have a Starbucks near my house that every time I walked into it, I felt like I was walking into my living room. The lighting was perfect, there were couches and armchairs and even a fireplace with great newspapers stocked and the smell of coffee beans everywhere. Best of all, it didn't close until midnight daily (a far cry from the current location I am close to that shuts down at 10pm).

I love any place that makes you feel secure and at home and during the holidays, Starbucks has always done just that for me :)

Love to you all,


fashion artique said...

i love such fantasy -like makeup!!!!!

Liset said...

Great advertisment indeed! Thank you for your comment on my blog, love to read what everyone is thankful for!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post. It's so difficult waiting for Christmas! Absolutely my favorite holiday. :)
And all of the ads are great. Especially Sephora.
I can't wait to go get a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks!