Monday, October 26, 2009

WWJD- What Would Joan Do?

It's settled. Scrap the Bachelor's in Comm I plan on receiving in May, I have a new route in life I would rather follow.

I want to be Joan Holloway when I grow up.

She's the foxiest siren at Sterling Cooper (well, when she still worked there, that is) and Christina Hendricks plays her to a T. She even took notes on just how to perfect an office environment:

" the way you prepare your desk. Making sure there are little candies out because that’s enticing. Making sure that your slip shows just a tiny, tiny bit when you’re sitting down because that’s alluring.

Great tips.

Ahh Christina, welcome to my style icons list. You're gonna love it here.

Love to you all,


Ms. B said...

I just love her too! It also helps that she's out there paving the way for us curvy gals once again so she's a definite favorite of mine!

Liset said...

Don't know her, but her haircolour is amazing!

Azn Glow said...

She's gorgeous and I have to agree with Liset above me...her hair is to die for. I'm also digging the retro style.


Marian said...

her hair and her are gorgeous! love that dress on her.

Phoebe Rose said...

I love her too! She has the most enviable figure ever. She's so beautiful :)

Liset said...

Thanks for your comment, I'm going to check the video immediatly at youtube =)

Cindyrella, carioca/cosmopolita/ jet-setter, 29 anos said...

I love Joan Holloway!