Friday, September 11, 2009

The True Adventures of Blondie and Brownie

That title is actually based on the nicknames that one of my friends back home Melissa and I have for one another. It came out of an angry gimpy armed customer at the Subway we worked at and just kind of stuck.

It's a running joke at my dorm out here about the relationship between my Cali blondie roommate Amy and I, the uh, Midwestern Brownie (I sound like a Carl's Junior dessert option) and our contrasting hair personalities. We have our dorm room door decorated with pictures of various people/dolls that resemble each other highly.

Being in the whole "opposites attract" mode and trying to avoid a massive pile of homework, I found other famous contrasting buds. I'll classify just myself in these photos. The only reason I'm omitting describing my blond friends is because my track record for very close friends is almost exclusively all blond. I'll just let the potential creepiness of that statement sit there to be judged and then filed away.

I gave up on Gossip Girl after the first season. Mostly because I had to work on Monday nights but also because as a devoted fan of the Cecily von Ziegesar that birthed the original GG, I couldn't follow along with the way off the trainrails Josh Schwartz scripts anymore. Nowhere in that script did he ever mention how in the novels Blair hacks off all of her hair to Mia Farrow length which was one of my favorite fashion moments ghostwritten in the books and I won't even touch on the dramatic differences between Vanessa on screen and in the pages. I do however follow the Leighton Meister and Blake Lively fan photo galleries to observe what the ladies are frocking that day.

I am the Blair without a doubt. I do have a pair of red tights that I wear every now and then on campus. I am also highly conscious on the whole headband trend. And I've also been spending some time drooling over the Ralph Lauren section at Macy's as of late. This makes me feel old but those pieces are simply timeless. Ruffles and simple bold shades galore. I applaud whomever dresses the store mannequins.

The Keira only definitely not as thin. My body would collapse if I was that bony. Actually it would fall to pieces the moment the Pop Tarts stopped entering it.

Ahh ScarJo and NatPo. Not even sure if that's Natalie's nickname but it works. Two smart, lovely ladies. In this scenario, you would have to give Scarlett a quickie brunette dye job for her to sort of be 'me' so to speak. Or toss 10 pounds on Natalie. Either way, it would work out.

You know, for a moment there I got excited about tomorrow morning. I thought I was in for a day of sleeping in until 9am and heading off to class and then work. Then I remembered I need to pick up my paycheck and bank it. The new timetable requires me to wake up at 8am. Oh well, there's always Sunday morning to get some sleep. ;)

Love to you all,


Tasha Gregson said...

I totally agree! A lot of gossip girl characters are different the their book persona's, especailly Serena's personality and the fact she and dan split up in like, the second book. BTW, Love the new graphics at the top of the page-so cool!

fashionable palette said...

Love your header! What a lovely blog you have.


Heather Taylor said...

Aww, thanks darlings!
And Tasha, for real on those differences. Dan in the book was kind of ehh...Jenny is a totally different girl from the book and their dad in the novels was absolutely gross, no way around it.