Saturday, September 12, 2009


Stolen from the lovely Lee Beth...

1. My mail finally arrived today after a five day delay. It was wonderful. Thank you cards, a phone bill (I needed it!), magazines, and handmade jewelry from Kelsey back home…my mailbox was packed to the brim!

2. I am currently in the midst of planning the ultimate surprise. No further details yet…it’s extremely tentative.

3. I dreamt I was in a flood yesterday morning and last night, I dreamt that my roommates were moving from me and I was left alone in a messy room. According to my research, dreaming of a flood means that you are overwhelmed but does represent the start of a new phase in life. The moving one means that your personal life is changing.

4. Felix da Housecat’s new album He Was King is my new sound for the week.

5. Two words: Clark Kent. And that is all I am saying.

6. I still exhibit brilliant gift wrapping skills despite the fact that I haven’t wrapped a present in over 6 months.

7. I had four hours of sleep yesterday. Woke up at 8:30 this morning to watch Alfie on TV. I love the scene where Sienna Miller turns around for the first time. It makes me wish it was snowing out.

8. This Thursday marks two special occasions. I will have been a vegetarian precisely one month.

9. The other is that the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts up again.

10. Andrew Bird is beautiful. I am struck speechless.

Love to you all,


Isabel said...

Thanks :)
Gorgeous photo!

Marian said...

that is a lovely post full of tidbits,pretty image

Liset said...

Nice blog! I also love the movie Alfie :-)