Thursday, August 20, 2009

George Washington was in a cult and the cult was into aliens, man

As my summer dwindles into the school year, I've been turning back to my trusty eternal summer methods of watching Dazed and Confused on a daily basis and listening to so much music from the '60s to '70s that it would make my parents proud.

Right now my big huge fatty addiction is "VENUS IN FURS" by THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. Holy shit. When I listen to that song, I lie down and let the music wash over me, like water in a bathtub. It is THAT damn good. You and everyone you know should listen to it immediately. I would have stuck an exclamation point in but I feel the caps speak for themselves.

And then I've got some "Windy" by The Association, "Street Life" by Randy Crawford, "Low Rider" by War (it's probably the coolest song around), The Yardbirds "For Your Love" and a whole bunch of David Bowie, Rolling Stones and absolutely everything Heart-related around on my playlist.

I am turning into my parents and it's totally worth it. These songs are WAY too damn good to not listen to.

Anywho, found a bunch of ultra chic '60s girls online in clothes that make my jaw want to fall off.

Francoise Dorleau and Catherine Deneuve in a French movie called Les Demoiselles de Rochefort.

The hair, the hair, the hair I tell you! Whoa, it is supreme!

Haha, they kind of remind me of the Olsen twins.

Glass Coke bottles are like this beautiful relic of the past that I will never get to really, truly experience. I love 'em.

Star power!

Love to you all,


gaby said...

luvvv the pics. you should watch Venus and Fur the movie, from like the 50s. the velvet underground based the song around it. it such a strange movie

Heather Taylor said...

There's a movie?! I will look around and try to find it. Thanks for the recommendation!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Thanks so much for the link to your oxfords, I think I actually might buy them. First thing from urban outfitters! Thanks again!!!

Elisabeth said...

ooo...i wanna live in the 60s:)
they look so great...amazing song!

nycrun said...

you have a really nice selection of pictures, vintage etc

harps said...

the best music ever came out of the 60's! nothing better than some weird psychedelia. thanks for commenting on my blog, glad you enjoy it!
Jess, from