Saturday, June 6, 2009

If the Days of the Week Required Uniforms, These Would Be My Signatures

Taking cues from Miss Blair Waldorf, the best dressed on the Gossip Girl cast. It's a Monday, a school day, a work day, and the beginning of the week. Best look alert, awake, and always chic.

Every Tuesday for me has always been insanely busy with little to no downtime. Gotta run, run, run everywhere with some windswept hair that as usual, I can't find a hair tie for.

Wednesday (from the Sartorialist)
The hump day, the dreamy day to look ultra girly and princess worthy while debating whether or not to do that report today or tomorrow.

An unexpected cold snap and a late wake up call in the morning call for a quick tie of the trench coat to hide that shirt I've been wearing two days straight and a ponytail to avoid another windswept Tuesday.

Does it need any more explanation? I think not. Happy Friday!

Errand day with visits to the bank and grocery store. With my hair up and a long skirt to avoid any wind that might puff it up whilst en route down a busy street.

Homework day, going out for breakfast and not cooking a single thing period (especially because I don't cook). Simple but still cute enough to head outside with.

Love to you all,

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