Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Found My Dream Apartment

Recently I've been doing a little future searching for somewhere to live when I graduate from school next May. While I'm still having thoughts about grad school, I kind of need to have a place to live in the meantime and after wards, especially since my grad program only lasts 10 months.

There is something about this apartment that I am consistently drawn to. I love the layout inside. This little gem is in San Francisco which is about a six hour drive from where I currently live and I am so feeling this move like none other.

San Francisco feels very right for me as opposed to my option of LA, which quite frankly, is not at all up to the hype that everyone gives it. I'm really not into being surrounded by people with fame as their top priority in life, so much that they are willing to sacrifice and change every aspect of who they are to please a casting call director.

Plus, I've got that whole, 'gotta move, gotta go somewhere else' feeling biting away at me again.

Aside from being in San Francisco, this apartment is in Pacific Heights, a very nice neighborhood. Safety and a good surrounding is a big priority for me. I'm not moving to a dumpy area simply because the rent is cheap. If I have to pay more but know that I'll be safe, that is really my bottom line.

The lovely thing about this place is that it is absurdly affordable! A little under one grand a month to be precise...the ad is vague on the matter of utilities but I've called the real estate agent to see about this and left a message.

This is my favorite part! I have always, always wanted a set of windows cut into this style! I can already see myself at a little desk, writing away and drinking a cup of coffee. This would be perfect for rainy days especially. Very Carrie Bradshaw of me, haha.

The kitchen that comes with a fridge, microwave, hot plate (what exactly is that again?) and has been remodeled to boot.

Closet storage space in the kitchen/bedroom area.
All I would have to do is find a job in SF area which I already have a couple of leads on and if at all possible, I could persuade the agent to hold onto the property for me until May 2010. Christ, just writing that sentence made it look like some impossible dream that will almost certainly not happen. I can already see this guy saying something about me getting it now and paying for it every month like a normal resident would. Maybe there is some beautiful silver lining for me...or the universe will throw me a bone, so to speak. It doesn't have to be a great bone either. I just really love this apartment.

On another side wonderful friend Melissa and I were talking and I told her if she was interested, after my graduation she could fly out here and we could live together while she went to a different school location. It would be amazing not only for the split rent, but because she's one of my favorite people in the whole world and having one of my best buddies live with me would keep the loneliness at bay plus it would be all sorts of fun! And the safety issue too...

Fingers crossed...I don't fall in love with apartments ever but this one has a sort of soulmate true love feel.

Love to you all,

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